Dems Getting Desperate-Failures Pile Up

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Now that the countdown to the mid-term elections can be measured in weeks and not months, Democratic candidates across the land are beginning to sweat. While mid-terms in a president’s second term have historically been challenging for the incumbent party, it feels worse this time around. Much worse. There is a growing sense that the Obama presidency is unraveling, along with America’s interests around the world. Sixty-six percent of Americans now think the country is on the wrong track. Though the media is doing its best to bury those polls and tell us the mid-terms are a toss-up, those are nightmarish results for the incumbents and the Democrat insiders know it.

With no foreign policy victories or economic growth to trumpet, Democrats are falling back on their time-worn campaign tactics: stoking anger in their base with appeals to race, class and gender warfare. The problem is, even those tactics ring more hollow than usual this year, and the liberal base can’t even get excited given the disaster that has been Democrat rule of the White House and the Senate.

The campaign started in the spring, when Senate Majority leader Harry Reid maligned the Koch brothers in nearly every sentence that came out of his mouth. While this obvious gimmick may have appealed to the most extreme die-hards on the left, to everyone else Reid came off as a clownish, possibly deranged hyper-partisan who was ham-handedly trying to change the subject away from Obama’s myriad dumpster fires. It’s didn’t work.

If so many liberals weren’t atheists, they may have thought the Ferguson race riots were manna from heaven. The incident seemed to be a tailor-made opportunity for Democrats to make political hay and fire up their base. They deployed Rev. Al Sharpton, currently the hottest race hustler in the race hustling business, to whip up the locals and frame the incident as a saintly young black man murdered by a rogue white cop  seething with racial animus. That effort fizzled within a few days, as a pesky thing called “the truth” came out and revealed Michael Brown to be a thuggish small-time thief who–gasp!–bullied an immigrant store manager half his size and likely charged the police officer who ultimately shot him. Swing and a miss.

With their ammunition supply running low, the Democrats last option is one that actually worked well for them in 2012: the phantom war on women. The crass vulgarian Debbie Wasserman Schultz shamelessly accused Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker of abusing women through his policies.

“What Republican tea party extremists like Scott Walker are doing is they are grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. It is not going to happen on our watch,” Wasserman Schultz said.

If Wasserman Schultz’s claims had any credibility, they are quickly deflated when one considers that the man she defends like a love-sick puppy, Barack Obama, pays women in his White House less than their male counterparts. Obama’s record on women’s right are about the same as his record on transparency: dreadful and hypocritical. It seems even the Democrats’ favorite agitation issue won’t work this time.

If the status quo holds, it seems the Democrats are headed for a beat-down reminiscent of the Tea Party-fueled loss they suffered in 2010. All bets are off, however, if another Todd Akin emerges and gives the Democrats a bloody shirt to wave as evidence that all their phony claims have merit. Note to Reince Priebus: mandate media training for all Republican candidates. If Republicans can’t gain both house of Congress with the Hindenburg that has been the Democrat-led last six years in Washington, they deserve to be in the political wilderness for another term.


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