Why We Fight

Why Conservative Warriors Exists

Hello all! My name is Julie Prince, President and Founder of Conservative Warriors,Warrior Nation Conservative Talk Radio Show and The Raven Files! Thank you for standing up for America! So many folks have asked me, why start this organization and radio show? Why now?” Let me explain a little about why “now” was the time.

Our country now more than ever is in peril. Conservatives not only have to fight Socialism, Communism, and Liberalism but we find ourselves having to fight the Republican Party. We know what the Socialists, Communists, and Liberals are — it’s straight up.

The Republicans have lost their way. RINO is the popular word of choice, “Republican in Name Only”. There is no platform anymore. It’s more about politicians’ personal careers and agendas than it is about protecting liberty and our constitution. I have seen it happen locally and I have seen it nationally. This concern is something Conservatives can no longer back, we can no longer hang, we can no longer sacrifice ourselves to overlook.

I have been involved in politics my whole adult life. I have been seasoned throughout these years and feel very grateful to have been a part of many organizations, campaigns, initiatives, and efforts to help promote the conservative cause.

These are some of the darkest hours for America. I never thought I would ever be talking about having to fight Socialist or Communist ideology regarding America. I never thought I would have to worry about the middle class being abolished creating class warfare. I have seen this nation go backwards in terms of race and the escalation of racism. It’s not about the color of your skin — it’s the content of your character that matters.

Being a Conservative isn’t a dirty word. We aren’t “right wing extremists”! We are mothers, brothers, sisters, patriots who happen to believe in our Constitution and traditions we were built on by our Founding Fathers. We believe in America.

It was a great America where I was raised in a rural suburb outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was born the youngest of four girls in the mid 70’s and was a cool kid in the 80’s. Times were awesome. I played outside from dawn ‘til dusk, when my mom would yell up the street for me to come home. I grew up watching the Super Friends and strong kick ass woman like Princess Leia, Charlie’s Angels, and my ultimate mentor, Wonder Woman. Oh my freakin gosh! I loved her. Linda Carter (who played Wonder Woman) was beautiful and the role she played made her tough but with that soft feminine side — something I could relate to. An icon and the ultimate American symbol of truth and justice.

I grew up in a time where there was so much innocence. Ronald Reagan was President. He was arguably one of the most amazing presidents we have ever known. President Reagan was huge influence on me. It was a time that has molded me as a person. We didn’t have cell phones. The summer days lasted forever under blue skies and a view from your banana seat bike. Those were the days where kids could just be that — a kid — and let the adults handle the rest.
This is what I want for my own children: the freedom to dream with wonder and amazement, with excitement about their futures. A future where, if you have the backing of God and your family, you can do anything.

Am I speaking of a Mayberry type of society? Well…yeah, I am. I had that growing up, and maybe if we had a little more Duck Dynasty and a little less Kardashians, we just might begin the journey back. So will Conservative Warriors save the world single handedly like Wonder Woman did? Maybe not, but with hard work and totally tubular patriots like you, we can bring back a little Mayberry together!

I hope you’ll join Conservative Warriors and my radio show Warrior Nation and be part of the Revolution, because that’s what this is..a Revolution. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and your overwhelming support for this organization. I love y’all. CW..signing off…see you on the flip side.