Rove’s WMD Botch Costs America Dearly

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Karl Rove

It is getting harder for even the most uninformed among us to deny that Barack Obama and his Democrat minions in Congress have been a total disaster for the country. Because of this, the conventional wisdom is that the GOP is due to benefit from a serious pendulum swing to the right any day now.  That this has not yet happened despite America’s steady, Obama-led metamorphosis into a Third World hellhole the last six years is due to a shocking lack of aggressiveness by the Republican leadership and a refusal to get into the fight with Democrats.

I recently commented on this phenomenon by pointing out how the establishment GOP in Washington seems either unwilling or unable to pounce on Obama’s biggest disasters for their own political gain. Then, as if to hammer the point home even further, came the report by Eli Lake that Karl Rove sat on news that weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) were indeed found in Iraq during our military involvement there under the George W. Bush administration.  According to the revelation, former Senator Rick Santorum learned of the WMDs in 2004. When he contacted the White House with the bombshell, the response from Rove was to “let these sleeping dogs lie.”

The significance of this news cannot be overstated. Democrats in Washington used the lack of WMDs in Iraq as a cudgel to beat the Bush administration in the media on a daily basis for years. The result was Bush’s approval ratings and public support for the war to go into freefall. Couple that with the Bush White House’s inexcusable decision not to respond to the avalanche of criticism and it is easy to understand how the American public views the Republican brand with suspicion to this day.

There was a lot more on the line with this news than just inside-the-Beltway politicking. Democrats, with zero regard for our nation’s standing in the world, gleefully peddled lies about our government and our military for their own political gain. Our men and women in uniform were put at greater risk because their motives and mission were framed by the media as unjust. Thanks to the borderline treasonous propaganda of Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and Co., future American foreign policy initiatives will be greeted with distrust by the global community.

If evidence surfaced tomorrow that vindicated Mumia Abu-Jamal of his crimes, does anyone believe the left and the media (redundant, I know) would declare it a non-story and “let these sleeping dogs lie?” Uh, no. It would be shouted around the world in full-throated vigor and declared an grave injustice. It is a violation of common sense and Politics 101 that Rove would suppress information that would validate the reason for what the left turned into a very unpopular war.

Just think of the ripple effects this decision created! Had Rove exploited this news properly, the entire anti-war crowd would have been defanged. The Democrats in Congress who voted for the war then turned into peacenik doves when it was politically convenient for them (Hillary?) would have looked like foolish opportunists. Okay, more like foolish opportunists. With the anti-war fervor muted, the Democrats would have had far less momentum heading into the 2008 elections, and B. Hussein may have not been elected. Given the damage that has been done to the country by this chain of events, playing this “what if” game is enough to make anyone who loves the country wince.

This goes way beyond party politics. America deserves and desperately needs people in Washington who will tell the truth, and shout it repeatedly if necessary. We cannot afford political operators who are too clever by half and offer no response when monstrous lies are told about our country.

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