“Sharia Police” Case Germany’s Streets!

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 A radical Islamist group calling themselves the “Sharia Police“, have begun patrolling the streets of Germany wearing orange hazard vests with the phrase on the back.. The group has been harassing the residents of Wuppertal which they call a “Sharia controlled zone”, trying to get them to stop gambling and drinking. They hand out literature warning not to gamble, drink, or watch pornography.

The actual police may bring charges of illegal assembly against the group because of “intimidation” of the residents with the Mayors support saying;

These people’s intention is to provoke and intimidate and force their ideology upon others. This is an open and tolerant city, which is proud of the fact that people of different religions and convictions live together in peace.”

It’s no secret that radical Islam is on the rise in Europe, and many countries are bold in their actions to prevent the advancement. France, being the leader in the efforts, plans to introduce strict anti-terrorist legislation that would limit travel for suspected terrorists. It would also ban websites that recruit new radical members of terrorist groups. Suspected terrorists passports may be taken and their travel may be suspended for six months. If they do manage to leave, they will be issued an international warrant for their arrest. Are countries finally starting to wake up and take action against radical Islam?

An interior ministry source claims that “the objective is to increase the number of hurdles to discourage those who want to go and to stop them from actually going”. In response to complaints from residents about the radical group harassing them, a hotline has been set up to report any incidents.

One thing that can be said about France and Germany is that there is no such ting as PC in the protection of their own people! A quality that surely won’t be embraced by the Obama administration, no matter how badly it may be needed.

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