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Conservative Warriors Logo 8.5 x 11 Looking For Writers!

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Goooooood Day Warriors! is looking for writers! If you have conservative/libertarian leanings, have a voice, and a passion for writing, we want you!! Please send a sample of your work and a brief bio to for consideration! Good Luck!


Why Are You Conservative? Your Genes May Play a Role

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How in the heck did I become a conservative and she is so progressive? That’s actually what a childhood friend had asked me recently! Like it’s some kind of dirty profession or something! Oh the horror! In a recent study, it may reveal that our genetics actually play a role in what our political views […]


Doomsday Prepper’s House Raided by FBI-Is he Innocent?

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Is it illegal to own barrels of food? Is it illegal to “prepare” your family for a possible “doomsday” scenario? It sure seems like it according to what happened to one American, Martin Winters. The FBI and police accused Winters of stockpiling over 50 “high powered” rifles, barrels of food, and booby traps in preparation […]

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Rapists Can Now Demand Custody of Their Victims Child!

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Alright Warriors! This is just sick! In 27 states across the country, men who rape and there is a child born of the result, are now examining whether rapists have the same custody rights over the child that other dads do! Watch Shauna Prewitt’s story here: This is a great example of how this society […]


Dude Looks Like Lady-Former Drag Queen Runs as a Conservative!

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Before a person decides to run for office, maybe they should think about what skeletons, or in this case what dresses, they may be hiding in their closet. If you are running as a conservative on the platform that you are against same sex marriage and the “gay agenda” you better be honest about your […]


Ricky Perry to Give it Another Whirl?

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Is Rick Perry thinking about another run for the White House in 2016? That’s what the word on the street seems to be! I wonder if he can get past the issue of giving low cost education to illegal aliens? We sure can’t get past it! Read more of the hoop-la here…..