U.S. Soldiers Send ISIS Warning Picture Messages!

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ISIS flag

In the wake of the recent ISIS murders of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, anger has begun to brew among the entire population of the United States. Total lack of leadership from Obama have people wondering why he is MIA. Is he on another vacation, is it because he just doesn’t care, or is the likely answer that he lacks the knowledge on how to be a leader. Like a fish out of water, Obama continues to hide behind the veil of obscurity. Sending his minions to answer for his comment, “there is no strategy”.


Along with the citizens of America and the rest of the world, one group has become particularly inpatient, our soldiers and veterans. Using the power of social media and an smartphone app called “whisper” (the app will allow them complete secrecy of who they are) they have taken matters into their own hands. A total of 9 soldiers, that includes veterans, have taken photographs a various messages as a direct message to ISIS!

Some of the content of the photos include:

“Can we just eliminate ISIS now? Send me back”

“Yesterday started a fire in me and now all I want to do is kill ISIS”

“I’m sorry the US needs to get deal with ISIS. It’s too late now, they involved us in it and we need to finish it. They have total disregard for human rights and have declared war on the US. It’s them who signed their death certificate”.

It’s time to stop the madness, it’s time to lock and load!


Click here to see the photos at madworld news



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